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Rossmoor at Holiday Time

The new Event Center has opened up!  That is great news.  It is between Creekside Restaurant and the Dollar Club house which was just designated as an historical home.  Now the Fitness Center will be expanding their facilities to accommodate the increased interest in the Gym!!!  The Event Center cost $12.3 million.  Now Rossmoor will have a place for plays, music, and lots of other private events.  There will be a New Year’s Eve Cabaret show that is scheduled featuring David Burnham at 7 PM and another show at 10 PM.  He will be singing songs that he has done on Broadway.  Tickets are $25 each.  There will be a Big Band playing at Del Valle from 9 until 12:30.  They will be playing a wide variety of music for the dancing pleasure of the attendees.  Tickets are $25/each.

Rotary will be selling See’s Candy at Safeway December 14th and 21st.  They will be in one and two pound boxes.

The Food Drive is continuing with big barrels at Gateway.  This is most important for people who are not as fortunate and in need of food.  If you don’t have any food to donate, they also like donations of money.  Then they can get food that is needed.  No expired labels please.

Cluster Mail Boxes.  What controversy!  the Post Office is loosing money and so they want to install Cluster Mail boxes that will save the carriers time and MONEY!  But a lot of people don’t like them and want to continue getting their mail at their door.  Currently if the HOA’s decide to put in the cluster boxes it will not cost the HOA anything.  However, if they wait until Congress decides in January, then the HOA will have to pay the cost, which is significant.

The Rossmoor Art Association offers a variety of classes.  They have 350 members and there are classes in oil, acrylics, collage, silk painting, watercolor, drawing, pastels.    They also sponsor classes for the boys at Byron Ranch.  Membership is $10 a year.

Disposal of medication is a very serious subject.  There is a place at Gateway between the library and the Oak Room.However, liquid medications and needles can not be disposed there.  Leave the liquids in their bottles, but cross out personal information.  Also medications can be disposed of at City Hall in Walnut Creek.  For more information please visit  In addition, Curbside pick up is available.  Residents can call 1-800-449-7587 and Curbside will pick up computers, batteries, fluorescent bulbs, etc.  right at your door.

ORT will be having a luncheon on December 17th at Creekside with a comedian for entertainment.  The cost will be $10.00.  The Trails Club will continue to go on hikes through the Holidays.  Every Wednesday and Saturday there are three groups.  Check out their page at to see the calendar.  The Nature Association will have a bird walk on Dec. 16th a 9 a.m.  starting at the Creekside parking lot.  These guided bird walks have been very popular and usually the birders can expect to see about 20 species during the 1 1/2 – 2 hour walk.  The Korean Club will hold their Christmas party on December 20 at the Hillside Clubhouse at 5 PM   Dinner will be at 6 and the Mark Yang band will entertain.  Write to Gideon Kim at or call Pil Choo at 457-8068 for reservations.  There are lots of other events taking place over the next few weeks.

Currently there are 46 active listings in Rossmoor starting at $153,000 for a one bedroom (733 sq. ft) to $659,000 with 1,727 sq. ft.  Most of the homes are clustered in the $200,000 to $329,000 range.  Surprisingly there are a number of level-in single story Golden Gates, San Franciscan models available and a few have been updated.    If you are interested in this type of home, don’t wait!  I do remember about 5 years ago when people were putting ads in the Rossmoor news looking for these models.  By the way, they have doubled in price since a year and a half ago!  They are currently $250,000 to $350,000 in price.

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Fall has arrived at Rossmoor


This coming Saturday my Rotary Club will be collecting food and donations for the Food Bank and the homeless.  So if you live in Rossmoor please bring your donations to Gateway (the parking lot) from 9 AM to 1 PM.  There will be a drive through set up.

My husband and I got our Sukkah up and have been eating breakfast and dinner outside.  The grandchildren came over on Saturday but it was raining.  So they saw the Sukkah and practically destroyed our home running around.  Even the two year old got out the step stool and was trying to reach the chocolate! 


The Fitness Center sponsored a Summer Shape Up where residents were challenged to keep up an exercise regimen for six weeks.  No couch potatoes here.  One person who participated is 90 years old!  Way to go.

The Walnut Creek City Council passed a strict second hand smoke ordinance and after February 1, Rossmoor residents will not be allowed to smoke in or outside of their homes .  They can smoke on the golf course – try not to get hit by a ball!  No smoking downtown starting in December.  Fines start at $100 for the first time, then $300 for a second offence and upward.

For many years Rossmoor residents have been tutoring Byron Boys Ranch, a facility for young teen agers who have run afowl of the law.  Byron Boys Ranch provides a structured environment, fresh air and a responsibility to do chores, like laundry, cleaning the dorms, kitchen, etc.  The Senior Tutors (Rossmoorians) become mentors to these boys who really appreciate that they come once a week to spend time providing lessons on life and academic skills. 

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Finally a Rossmoor Blog Entry!



Sorry for not keeping up with Rossmoor information, but I’ve been very busy lately.

There are a lot of activities going on in Rossmoor and the one that has sellers happy and buyers unhappy is that the prices have really gone up!  No you can’t get the great deal that Uncle George got two years ago – that price is double now!  But it is still a great deal if you want to live in a premier retirement community and be close to the downtown in Walnut Creek.


So this is what is currently going on.  The Events Center has really taken shape and will be open this coming January.  The dining room can seat 400 people and now there can be really great performances and concerts.  Also, the Delta room over by the Aquatics Center will be come part of the gym.  That is truly great because currently the Gym is overcrowded.  So the stage in the Delta room will be removed and there will be six additional stretching adjustable tables, and a couple of cubicle for the trainers.  TRX equipment will be bought that will provide resistance training for 12 people at once.  Also balance equipment, wall-mounted bars, and associated devices.


Rotary (I am a member) will be having their big Alzheimer’s/Parkinson’s fundraiser featuring the Big Band, dinner and dancing on October 12th.  Tickets are $125.00 per person. 


Every week there is amazing entertainment for free or very reasonable prices for Rossmoor residents.  This coming week Wu Man, a lovely Chinese lute virtuoso will present a concert on Sept 8th in the Fireside Room.  Tickets are $15 in advance.

Broadway leading man, Eric Kunze, will be performing a program of Broadway favorites on Sept. 12th.  Tickets are $10 in advance.  Golden Wet Trio will be performing on Sept 1st at the Fireside Room performing jumpin’ blues and western boogie.  Tickets are $5 at the door.  The Alexander String Quartet will open the Rossmoor Chamber Music Society’s 2013-14 season on Sept. 16th.  Tickets are $18 for a single performance or $65 for the season.


Rossmoor has a movie theater.  This coming week the Opera/Ballet Club will be presenting two movies on Sept 9th and 10th both celebrating St. Petersburg.  Anna Netrobko will be singing, along with Dmitri Hvorostovsky and Cellist Mischa Maisky.

Then Renee Fleming and Dmitri Hvorostovsky – A Musical Odyssey in St. Petersburg.  Both of these films are rated 5 stars on Amazon. Rossmoor residents are asked to pay $1 for each film.


Sunday, Sept 1st  The Producers will be shown with Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder for free.  August 29th & 30th Amour will be shown 6 times.  This film won an Academy Award for best foreign film last year.  This is also free.  And on Sept 3rd ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ will be shown also for free.


This is just a small slice of life at Rossmoor.  Please remember that there are over 200 clubs and groups here.  There are almost 10,000 residents and there is something for everyone. 

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SPRING Has Sprung in Rossmoor

Spring Has Sprung in Rossmoor

Finally 15 new listings in Rossmoor this week. Going from my listing a one bedroom, one bath for  $120.000 to a level in Cascade in the $500,000’s. Also there are four level-ins 3 bedroom Santa Cruz, two Santa Clara’s and a Belvedre!

The trees are starting to bloom and the daffodils are out in force. Life is good!

There is free Wi-Fi at Rossmoor’s clubhouses thanks to Comcast. This is secured sites.  If you don’t care about security, there are unsecured connections also.

On March 19th the Lions Club will be offering free eye screening to residents who are 55 or older.  What they will be screening for will be macular degeneration glaucoma and cataracts. What a great

service to our community. Also there will be an AARP Driver Safety refresher class given March 26 th in a

Multipurpose room. Call 988-7766 to reserve a spot

The Republican Club will be having a dinner meeting on March 13th featuring District Attorney Mark Peterson will be speaking. In addition the Republican Club will be showing the movie “Restrepo” about the war in Afghanistan on March 20th at 4 PM in the Peacock Hall.

The Drama Association will be holding auditions for the play Simon’s ‘London Suite” Barbara Oliver wil be teaching classes on Mondays March 25 through April 29th.

Rossmoor has a variety of Yoga classes from Monday through Saturday for all levels and abilities.

What a great place to live and play!

Meanwhile in downtown Walnut Creek a FIVE story building was demolished.

It was on the corner of Main St. and Newell  right across from Kaiser Hospital

Going, going, gone!

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Continuing Low Inventory in Rossmoor

Continuing Low Inventory in Rossmoor

Bingo!  Only 21 homes on the market currently.  But

Now we have two homes over a million dollars!


Warren Salmons, CEO Has had 17 ‘A Word with Warren’ sessions

Throughout Rossmoor this year.  So residents can meet with him,

Have Warren answer questions, hear complaints and compliments.


Planning has started for a 50th Anniversary which will be next year.

Anyone who wants to be on the committee should sign up now.

Get in touch with the Golden Rain Foundation (GRF) shortly.


MARK CHAPMAN is on the Fitness Center Wall of Fame.

He and his wife moved into Rossmoor last September and has been

Working out at the Fitness Center since then.  In 1989 he was treated for a

Cancerous tumor on his thigh and in 2008  his leg was amputated below the knee.

He has been fitted with a prosthesis, but that does not stop Mark.  Way to go!


The WOOD Shop has a new Lathe.  It has a two horsepower motor.

If you are a wood worker, or want to become one, there are tools and safety

Gear available and most days the club members will assist newcomers.



Starting in February you can get an appointment at the Hillside Club house

For Tax help.  Call 979-5450 to set up an appointment.  All the preparers have

Been certified by the IRS.  What a great deal!


On The Entertainment Front

‘An Afternoon with Mozart’ on February 2nd at 4 PM.

Will include talented vocalists from the San Francisco Conservatory of
Music.  This will be a the Fireside Room in Gateway.


Diablo Symphony will be at the Fireside Room on February 8th

At 8 PM featuring Natasha Paremski playing Rachmaninov and more.

Tickets are $5.

SONY HOLLAND and her Band will be performing at the Fireside Room

On February 3rd at 5 PM.  Tickets are $5 and include wine, juice and snacks.


FUN DAY  on November1st at noon in the Sierra Room by Del Valle.

Antonia Venezia will be singing and Thomas Suzcek will be playing the



PEACOCK HALL   — our Movie Theater

‘To Rome with Love”  A 2012 comedy starring Alec Baldwin and

Penelope Cruz,  Thursday and Friday at 1,4,7 and 9


Love Affair 1994 drama with Warren Beatty and Annette Bening

At 1, 4 and 7 PM

The Comedy on Sunday will be The Main Event with Barbra Streisand

And Ryan O’Neal showings at 4 and 7 PM


Black Tights a 1960 Musical with Cyd Charisse and Maurice Chevalier

January 28th at 4 and 7 PM


“The CASE for ISRAEL’ will be presented on Tuesday January 29th at

1 PM by Meicor



A new Gentle Yoga class will be starting this Friday at noon.

Other sessions meet in the Sierra Room on Tuesdays from 11 to noon

And Thursdays from 7 to 8 PM.  Drop ins are welcome and the cost is $8

Per session or 8 classes for $55, or 12 classes for $75.


Dr. Walter M. Bortz II will be speaking to the Wellness Group on Monday,

January 28th at 7 PM in the Fireside Room on Aging and Wellness.

Dr. Bortz has been the President of the American Geriatric Society.

Everyone is invited.  A donation of $5 is requested.


The Counseling Corner

The Counseling center offers two ongoing drop-in groups for caregivers of people with dementia and

A new cancer  support group will begin in February.  Within Rossmoor residents lead the following groups,

Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon, Beyond Eyes for vision loss, Clutterers Anonymous, Chronic Pain,

Hard of Hearing, Peripheral Neuropathy and PFLAG.

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LOW Inventory. That’s  the New Year’s Rossmoor story.

Last year there were approximately 200 homes on the market in Rossmoor.

AsI’m writing this there are 18 homes available!  When home prices were lower throughout this entire area many homeowners felt “entitled” to a higher selling price for their home: so, they didn’t sell, and, instead waited for the market to rise again. Bingo, they sold their home for a greater price. Now, they are ready to buy in Rossmoor. Of course, Rossmoor prices experienced the identical turnaround, and then some. Sellers outside of Rossmoor consider themselves lucky because they got more than they expected for their home and probably multiple offers too.  But now they want to buy in Rossmoor and they can’t get the deal Uncle George got two years ago.  Deal? They are competing against several other Rossmoor buyers and going above and beyond.  The good properties are selling in the first day at over asking price. It requires savvy action to buy in Rossmoor.

The Vial of Life Program in Rossmoor works like this.  Residents fill out a short form with information that might be needed in a hurry i.e. medicines, emergency contacts, insurance coverage and a very brief health history.  That is placed in a vial  about the size of a CD, with a magnet on the back.  It is placed on the refrigerator.  That way in an emergency this information doesn’t have to be looked for – it is all there.

A class to get a discount on car insurance. AARP will be offering Driver Safety Program classes and refreshers too starting in February.  The cost is $12 for AARP members and $14 for non members.  People who take the

The new Rossmoor Bus schedule and the new schedules can be found at the bus shelter by Gateway.  The Green Line will be making seven trips to downtown Walnut Creek each week.

 There will be a Newcomers Meeting in February 4th at 1:30 at the Dollar Club House.  Volunteer Services and Excursion coordinators will be speaking.

ARF is back with their dog and cat adoptions  on Thursday January 24th from 9 AM to noon at Gateway.  Any senior can adopt a dog or cat and if you are over 60 and the dog is over 6 years or the cat over 2 years, you don’t have to pay a fee!

Gilbert & Sullivan’s Princess IDA will be at the Lesher Center  on January 25 – 27th.  This will be a fully staged production with a live orchestra.  Tickets go from $15 to $49 and can be ordered from 925-943-7469

The Rossmoor movie theater this week will show the following movies this week:

The Bourne Legacy   2012   showings on Friday from 10 AM, 1,4 and 7 P.M.

My Left Foot  1989 on Saturday at 1,4,and 7 with language captions

Designing Women from 1957 a comedy with Gregory Peck and Lauren Bacall will be shown on Sunday at 4 and 7 PM.

The Italian clubs will show Lezioni di Cioccolato on Monday at 7 PM

Rossmoor  may be experiencing low inventory, but our 200 clubs and organizations are operating at a high fun inventory. 

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Musings about Rossmoor beginning of September

  • Driving home from Whole Foods at close to 5 today, I stopped at a stop sign, and looked to my right before proceeding.  What????  A coyote was ambling up that street!  So I turned slowly and watched it stroll up the street, turning its head left, then right, and keeping an eye on my car.  I tried to take a photo, but it did not come out well.    When I got home I called a client who has two toy poodles right near there to warn her when she walked them.  That coyote was looking for a dinner!

    If you did not know that there is a Counseling Service in Rossmoor for free!  We have licensed clinical socialworkers and now a Supervisor has finally been hired.  Our counseling services provides short-term counseling, support groups, long-term care planning and referrals to other programs.  It is important that residents know that all of the services are free and confidential.  No problem is too big or too small.

    The Contra Costa County of the Sheriff Search and Rescue  team have been conducting a training event in Rossmoor on September 8th from 7:30 til 3 PM.  This is a drill.  Every month the full team trains together in order to be mission ready.

    The fencing is up and the proposed Event Center is on its way.  Grading has started and Mechanics Bank is providing the financing .  Walnut Creek issued the permits for the Events Center  and we are anticipating the permit for the table tennis center shortly.

    Nancy F. had a Back to Third Grade Rotary party at her home yesterday.  It was a ladies night out and we had to dress like third graders (when we were that age) not like the children now.  We brought lunches in paper bags or lunch boxes, and Nancy had all kinds of trivia for us.  It was a lot of fun and we got to know interesting things about fellow Rotary members.

    The inventory is low in Rossmoor currently.  I had a Summit model home in Pinnacle Ridge and we got three offers that all went way over the asking price. It will close this coming week.  I’ve listed a Saratoga model in Mutual Two with a washer/dryer and delightful views for $130,000.  I’m trying to get it on the market this coming week.  Two bedrooms and one bathroom, new oven too.  This is a good deal.

Posted by: Judith Brickman | May 8, 2012


What happens when 202 homes are grabbed up since January? Yup, our inventory is waaaaaay down.

Since January there have been 202 sales. Currently we have 41 homes on the market and only 2 of those are the single story, level-in homes that so many clients want. There are 69 pendings and only 4 of those are the single story, level-in models.

Where are prices headed? Demand & supply. Not to decide, IS to decide. Right? Lots of homeowners were able to sell their larger homes in the late Fall or early Winter, then they came in and bought up the inventory in Rossmoor.  About six or seven years ago we would see display ads in the Rossmoor News with people begging for a specific model.  I think this is going to be happening now along with multiple offers.

The Events Center is going to be built. The Golden Rain Board is negotiating with Mechanics Bank.  This loan package will not require Golden Rain’s property as collateral. There are members who don’t wish to see a new events center. Then again, I don’t hit golf balls, nor do I do ceramics: but I’m glad that those who do love these activities have the facilities. Bottom line. Not everyone is likely involved in every Rossmoor activity – there are plenty of people whom I don’t bump into at the 6 AM exercise class – that’s what choice is all about.

Big demand for early morning BART and buses; bingo, an additional bus has been added to the schedule. Plus, two more buses have been added to the fleet.  These will be used primarily as paratransit for residents in wheelchairs.

Something new on the Golfing end of business in that a resident can sponsor a Guest Golfer who is at least 55 years of age.  The annual fee for the Sponsored Golfer is $1,000. in addition to green fees on a per round basis.  In addition the Sponsored Golfer will get a one year gate access, and they may be able to bring up to three guests of their own!  This is something that the children of residents will really like.

The Lions Club is seeking donations for White Cane Days on May 10th and 11th. Let’s remember that the beneficiaries are the Lions Blind Center in Oakland, and the Lions Center for the Visually Impaired in Pittsburgh, some other centers and eyeglasses are distributed  to the needy in Third World countries.

The Rossmoor Farmers Market will be opening for the season starting on May 18th from  9:30 AM to  noon.  Locally grown  fruits, vegetables, heirloom –produce, flowers, breads and pies , tamales and more. Popular Friday mornings spot.

On May 15th ORT will have Miriam Kelmen-Solis who survived the Holocaust in Budapest, Hungry and managed with her father and step-mother to escape through the Iron Curtain to a new life on the West Coast.  The meeting is at 12:30 and the speaker is at 1 PM

Early Bird Dinner Creekside Grill Specials starting at $14.95 from 4:30 – 5 PM  Not bad for Tuesday Prime Rib Night!

Want to hear the scoop on George Gershwin?  Walter and Peg Rimler will be presenting an insightful program on May18th at 2 PM for the Drama Association of Rossmoor.  They gave the  same program and  got raves reviews a while back.

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Happy Hour, Buses, Movies and more….

Finally !
Creekside Grill obtained an interim liquor license good for 120 days.
Some residents had opposed the idea that their fellow residents be able to purchase an alcoholic beverage. 
So it goes. To date the vegans haven’t put up a fuss about the fish, and, meat dishes. 
Happy Hour is from 3 – 5 and there will be hor d-oeuvres also.

Seems Rossmoor some of the 11 Rossmoor buses have 300,000 miles on the odometer. There are usually nine buses  on the road during the week and four on Saturday, and three on Sunday.  Through Federal grants  Rossmoor just received four new buses and will be getting two more buses with very low milage.  Rossmoor will have to pay about $36,000 for all of this.  Let’s hear it for the printing press that’s run by the tooth fairy.

Two additional tennis courts are being planned for the Buckeye grove where the Tennis Center currently is.  These two courts will eventually replace the two Creekside courts. Kind-a rearranging the deck chairs.
The movies for this week are:
Zelig, the Woody Allen comedy
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo w/ English Language caption
An Officer And  a Gentleman.
A Better Life will be shown 3 times on the 16th and 5 times on the 17th.
The Names of Love will be shown on the 29th
A modern version of Othello will be shown by the Shakespeare Society on the 28th at  7 PM
Getting rid of personal papers,  old tax records, etc.  on Rossmoor Shred Day, Saturday the 25th from 11 – 1.  $5 a box/ or 30 lbs.
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Rossmoor Buses go to SunValley Mall and Crossroads Mall

There have been some major changes in the Rossmoor Retirement Community bus lines!
It used to be that the six bus lines just went to the shopping center and the Jewish Community Center right outside of the gates.  Not any more.  

What happened first was the the County Connection stopped running the public buses from the Rossmoor Shopping Center to Walnut Creek BART.  That caused a huge problem for a lot of residents who do not dirive anymore!  

Rossmoor Retirement has had a bus going to Trader Joe’s a couple of times a month for a few years.  But now they have several trips morning and afternoon to BART, downtown Walnut Creek, i.e. Broadway Plaza, Whole Foods, and Trader Joe’s every day.  Plus now they are scheduling trips to Sun Valley Mall where you have Macy’s, Sears, JC Pennys and Victoria Secret plus more.  And they are also going to Kohls, Marshalls,  Dollar Tree and more at Crossroads.  They are giving the residents door to door service.  Picking people up at their home and dropping them off at the Malls.  TThere are morning  and afternoon trips.  These trips need to be scheduled at least one day before. 

One of my clients has been taking the bus everyday to all the different stores and malls.  She loves it and all the bus drivers know her very well.   Call me if you want more information.

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