Posted by: Judith Brickman | February 16, 2012

Happy Hour, Buses, Movies and more….

Finally !
Creekside Grill obtained an interim liquor license good for 120 days.
Some residents had opposed the idea that their fellow residents be able to purchase an alcoholic beverage. 
So it goes. To date the vegans haven’t put up a fuss about the fish, and, meat dishes. 
Happy Hour is from 3 – 5 and there will be hor d-oeuvres also.

Seems Rossmoor some of the 11 Rossmoor buses have 300,000 miles on the odometer. There are usually nine buses  on the road during the week and four on Saturday, and three on Sunday.  Through Federal grants  Rossmoor just received four new buses and will be getting two more buses with very low milage.  Rossmoor will have to pay about $36,000 for all of this.  Let’s hear it for the printing press that’s run by the tooth fairy.

Two additional tennis courts are being planned for the Buckeye grove where the Tennis Center currently is.  These two courts will eventually replace the two Creekside courts. Kind-a rearranging the deck chairs.
The movies for this week are:
Zelig, the Woody Allen comedy
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo w/ English Language caption
An Officer And  a Gentleman.
A Better Life will be shown 3 times on the 16th and 5 times on the 17th.
The Names of Love will be shown on the 29th
A modern version of Othello will be shown by the Shakespeare Society on the 28th at  7 PM
Getting rid of personal papers,  old tax records, etc.  on Rossmoor Shred Day, Saturday the 25th from 11 – 1.  $5 a box/ or 30 lbs.


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