Posted by: Judith Brickman | January 19, 2013


LOW Inventory. That’s  the New Year’s Rossmoor story.

Last year there were approximately 200 homes on the market in Rossmoor.

AsI’m writing this there are 18 homes available!  When home prices were lower throughout this entire area many homeowners felt “entitled” to a higher selling price for their home: so, they didn’t sell, and, instead waited for the market to rise again. Bingo, they sold their home for a greater price. Now, they are ready to buy in Rossmoor. Of course, Rossmoor prices experienced the identical turnaround, and then some. Sellers outside of Rossmoor consider themselves lucky because they got more than they expected for their home and probably multiple offers too.  But now they want to buy in Rossmoor and they can’t get the deal Uncle George got two years ago.  Deal? They are competing against several other Rossmoor buyers and going above and beyond.  The good properties are selling in the first day at over asking price. It requires savvy action to buy in Rossmoor.

The Vial of Life Program in Rossmoor works like this.  Residents fill out a short form with information that might be needed in a hurry i.e. medicines, emergency contacts, insurance coverage and a very brief health history.  That is placed in a vial  about the size of a CD, with a magnet on the back.  It is placed on the refrigerator.  That way in an emergency this information doesn’t have to be looked for – it is all there.

A class to get a discount on car insurance. AARP will be offering Driver Safety Program classes and refreshers too starting in February.  The cost is $12 for AARP members and $14 for non members.  People who take the

The new Rossmoor Bus schedule and the new schedules can be found at the bus shelter by Gateway.  The Green Line will be making seven trips to downtown Walnut Creek each week.

 There will be a Newcomers Meeting in February 4th at 1:30 at the Dollar Club House.  Volunteer Services and Excursion coordinators will be speaking.

ARF is back with their dog and cat adoptions  on Thursday January 24th from 9 AM to noon at Gateway.  Any senior can adopt a dog or cat and if you are over 60 and the dog is over 6 years or the cat over 2 years, you don’t have to pay a fee!

Gilbert & Sullivan’s Princess IDA will be at the Lesher Center  on January 25 – 27th.  This will be a fully staged production with a live orchestra.  Tickets go from $15 to $49 and can be ordered from 925-943-7469

The Rossmoor movie theater this week will show the following movies this week:

The Bourne Legacy   2012   showings on Friday from 10 AM, 1,4 and 7 P.M.

My Left Foot  1989 on Saturday at 1,4,and 7 with language captions

Designing Women from 1957 a comedy with Gregory Peck and Lauren Bacall will be shown on Sunday at 4 and 7 PM.

The Italian clubs will show Lezioni di Cioccolato on Monday at 7 PM

Rossmoor  may be experiencing low inventory, but our 200 clubs and organizations are operating at a high fun inventory. 



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