Posted by: Judith Brickman | September 25, 2013

Fall has arrived at Rossmoor


This coming Saturday my Rotary Club will be collecting food and donations for the Food Bank and the homeless.  So if you live in Rossmoor please bring your donations to Gateway (the parking lot) from 9 AM to 1 PM.  There will be a drive through set up.

My husband and I got our Sukkah up and have been eating breakfast and dinner outside.  The grandchildren came over on Saturday but it was raining.  So they saw the Sukkah and practically destroyed our home running around.  Even the two year old got out the step stool and was trying to reach the chocolate! 


The Fitness Center sponsored a Summer Shape Up where residents were challenged to keep up an exercise regimen for six weeks.  No couch potatoes here.  One person who participated is 90 years old!  Way to go.

The Walnut Creek City Council passed a strict second hand smoke ordinance and after February 1, Rossmoor residents will not be allowed to smoke in or outside of their homes .  They can smoke on the golf course – try not to get hit by a ball!  No smoking downtown starting in December.  Fines start at $100 for the first time, then $300 for a second offence and upward.

For many years Rossmoor residents have been tutoring Byron Boys Ranch, a facility for young teen agers who have run afowl of the law.  Byron Boys Ranch provides a structured environment, fresh air and a responsibility to do chores, like laundry, cleaning the dorms, kitchen, etc.  The Senior Tutors (Rossmoorians) become mentors to these boys who really appreciate that they come once a week to spend time providing lessons on life and academic skills. 



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