Posted by: Judith Brickman | December 12, 2013

Rossmoor at Holiday Time

The new Event Center has opened up!  That is great news.  It is between Creekside Restaurant and the Dollar Club house which was just designated as an historical home.  Now the Fitness Center will be expanding their facilities to accommodate the increased interest in the Gym!!!  The Event Center cost $12.3 million.  Now Rossmoor will have a place for plays, music, and lots of other private events.  There will be a New Year’s Eve Cabaret show that is scheduled featuring David Burnham at 7 PM and another show at 10 PM.  He will be singing songs that he has done on Broadway.  Tickets are $25 each.  There will be a Big Band playing at Del Valle from 9 until 12:30.  They will be playing a wide variety of music for the dancing pleasure of the attendees.  Tickets are $25/each.

Rotary will be selling See’s Candy at Safeway December 14th and 21st.  They will be in one and two pound boxes.

The Food Drive is continuing with big barrels at Gateway.  This is most important for people who are not as fortunate and in need of food.  If you don’t have any food to donate, they also like donations of money.  Then they can get food that is needed.  No expired labels please.

Cluster Mail Boxes.  What controversy!  the Post Office is loosing money and so they want to install Cluster Mail boxes that will save the carriers time and MONEY!  But a lot of people don’t like them and want to continue getting their mail at their door.  Currently if the HOA’s decide to put in the cluster boxes it will not cost the HOA anything.  However, if they wait until Congress decides in January, then the HOA will have to pay the cost, which is significant.

The Rossmoor Art Association offers a variety of classes.  They have 350 members and there are classes in oil, acrylics, collage, silk painting, watercolor, drawing, pastels.    They also sponsor classes for the boys at Byron Ranch.  Membership is $10 a year.

Disposal of medication is a very serious subject.  There is a place at Gateway between the library and the Oak Room.However, liquid medications and needles can not be disposed there.  Leave the liquids in their bottles, but cross out personal information.  Also medications can be disposed of at City Hall in Walnut Creek.  For more information please visit  In addition, Curbside pick up is available.  Residents can call 1-800-449-7587 and Curbside will pick up computers, batteries, fluorescent bulbs, etc.  right at your door.

ORT will be having a luncheon on December 17th at Creekside with a comedian for entertainment.  The cost will be $10.00.  The Trails Club will continue to go on hikes through the Holidays.  Every Wednesday and Saturday there are three groups.  Check out their page at to see the calendar.  The Nature Association will have a bird walk on Dec. 16th a 9 a.m.  starting at the Creekside parking lot.  These guided bird walks have been very popular and usually the birders can expect to see about 20 species during the 1 1/2 – 2 hour walk.  The Korean Club will hold their Christmas party on December 20 at the Hillside Clubhouse at 5 PM   Dinner will be at 6 and the Mark Yang band will entertain.  Write to Gideon Kim at or call Pil Choo at 457-8068 for reservations.  There are lots of other events taking place over the next few weeks.

Currently there are 46 active listings in Rossmoor starting at $153,000 for a one bedroom (733 sq. ft) to $659,000 with 1,727 sq. ft.  Most of the homes are clustered in the $200,000 to $329,000 range.  Surprisingly there are a number of level-in single story Golden Gates, San Franciscan models available and a few have been updated.    If you are interested in this type of home, don’t wait!  I do remember about 5 years ago when people were putting ads in the Rossmoor news looking for these models.  By the way, they have doubled in price since a year and a half ago!  They are currently $250,000 to $350,000 in price.



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