About Judith

TopDeal, client comes first, Real Estate provider in the 680 corridor, Pleasanton to Walnut Creek.


The long-term interests of my clients have paid off handsomely, for them, for me. My clients are buyers and sellers, executives, relocations, investors. My client roster is an open book: you can meet them. My access to real time information technology is not a fashion statement, it is the critical market tool by which I empower the client to take advantage of their unique opportunity window. Strike while the iron is hot;  I built a substantial repeat-client base over the past 23 years.

I’ve purchased, and sold, twelve properties. Recently I purchased property number 13. I cater to savvy Real Estate sellers, and buyers.  I’m not the Realtor who humors the emotion driven who plunge into major life transactions based on family friendship, instead of hard facts.  Life savings demand maximum protection.  I selected the Pleasanton SanRamon Danville/Alamo area. I am not in this area by happenstance. My own real life relocation with four children — elementary schools, high schools, universities — prompted me to select this area over ALL others. I have up-to-date resource information on Bay Area school systems, local transportation, houses of worship, after school programs and recreational opportunities.

The bottom line. 23 year value-added Real Estate result practice:  protecting your interests.  It is all about your interests. Last year I joined People & Properties Sothebys International Realty in order to give my clients the ultimate in service and exposure for their listings. Together with my fellow CRS professionals we are amongst the top 4% of Realtors nationwide. I’ve been on the Legislative Committee for the Contra Costa Board of Realtors, member of the Estates Division of Pacific Union, Pacific Union’s Relocation Team (SIRVA, GMAC, Chevron) Women´s Council of Realtors and a founding member of Institute for Luxury Home Marketing, and finally a graduate of the Master of Negotiation from U.C.S.F.

85+% of my business is from past clients and their referrals.  They know and trust me, that is why they with their refer friends and relatives.  I am confident that, you too, will refer potential sellers, and buyers to me after I’ve done you some good. High tech and high touch before, during, and after the sale. Proactive,  unblemished representation by the strongest Real Estate specialist.


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